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Venango County Historical Society

PO Box 101    301 South Park Street    Franklin, Pennsylvania  16323

Genealogical Research Library


For researchers who come to the library in person:


               Genealogical Research Library - Hours:


                           May 1 – December 31:  Wednesdays and Thursdays, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m


                           January 1 – March 31:  Closed, except by appointment


                           April 1 – April 30:   Saturdays only, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.


The library is staffed by volunteers.  Research may be made only if staff is present.  The library staff will assist you in finding materials for your research.  Please call in advance of your visit to be sure a volunteer will be on duty.  No books or publications are circulated.  A photocopier is located in the room – copy fees are $.50/page.  To view our Document and Photograph Use and Reproduction Policies, please follow the links below.





Please call or email ahead of your visit to be sure a research volunteer will be available.







             On-Site Research Fees:


                           Society Members/Students – No charge

                           Non-Members – $5.00 in addition to photocopying, scanning or Archival fees.


Legal or Corporate Research - $10.00/hour [or any part of] in addition to initial research fees, and photocopying, scanning or Archival fees.





For those requesting research by mail:


 Our initial charge is $25.00, to be paid in advance.  This includes a complete search of all of our library records and photocopies up to 20 (twenty) pages.  Requests must include as much detail about the research subject as you know and a large self-addressed envelope with postage to cover at least two ounces.  Document reproduction fees and other costs are noted on our Document Use and Reproduction Policy.  The fees for photocopies or scanned reproductions of photographs are noted on our Photograph Use and Reproduction Policy.  Legal or company research will be billed at $10.00/hour [or any part of] in addition to the $25.00 initial fee.







Will, Estate, Naturalization Files – $10.00 per file, includes photocopies up to 20 (twenty) pages







If you wish to have research performed by a qualified outside genealogical researcher, or are in need of

someone to search courthouse records, please contact us for that information.







                                      Marianne S. Battista                                   Rainy Linn

                                                   Executive Director                                                   President



        Rev. July, 2008

                August, 2013

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