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Archival Resource Center

Resource Center Hours

January through December 


                    By Appointment (please provide a minimum of one (1) weeks notice)

                    M-F 10:00 - 2:00

Resource Center Fees

Research Fees

                  Members - Free

                  Non-members - $5 (room usage fee)

                  Business/Legal - $5

                  Distance Research* (Member & Non-member) - $25 per family line


Copying fees are as follows:

                  Will/Estates and Naturalization Files - $5 per document

                  Photographs - $1 per photo if we are able to make the copy on site

                                            Oversized photos, and photos copied from a negative are subject to current reproduction fees

                  All others - $.50 per page.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                * Please allow up to four weeks for research turn around, as we often have a backlog

To submit a Distance Research request please

Documents in the Archival Resource Center

Venango County Wills 1800-1900                                               Ledgers and other records from area businesses

Venango County Estate Files 1800-1900                                   Family Records

Venango County Naturalization Files 1800-1900                     Diaries

Photographs                                                                                  Letters/Personal Papers

Major Collections in the Archival Resource Center

Egbert-Bredin Collection - This extensive collection consists of records from the family of Dr. Albert G. Egbert, including family and genealogical records, diaries, letters, photographs, and personal papers that span more than 200 years. 

War (Military) Collection - The records in this collection cover the involvement of Venango County and its citizens in all major wars.

Raymond Collection- Records of the Raymond Brothers' general store, oil interests, and iron ore and smithing businesses in Utica and Raymilton, PA provide an excellent look at life in Venango County from 1833-1900.

Venango County Clubs and Organizations Collection - This collection includes records, membership lists, yearbooks, newsletters, photographs, and personal papers of social and business organizations from all areas of Venango County.

School Collection - Included in this massive collection are school records, photographs (most identified), yearbooks, school souvenirs, and teachers' reports from many Venango County schools. 

Business and Industry Collection - Included here are ledgers, business and legal records, receipts, and other documents from Venango County businesses. 

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