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Document Use and

     Reproduction Policy

Venango County Historical Society

PO Box 101    301 South Park Street    Franklin, Pennsylvania  16323



Use and Reproduction Policy



The Venango County Historical Society’s Archival and Library collections are open to the general public for research purposes.  For Archival materials, researchers must identify by number the file(s) to be viewed from the collection’s Container List - the Archivist  will retrieve the file(s) from the Archival Resource Center.  Researchers are not permitted to retrieve files.  Files may only be viewed under the supervision of a VCHS staff member or research volunteer.  Files and library documents may not be borrowed from the VCHS without the Society’s permission.  Requests to borrow documents may be presented to the Society and will either be approved or rejected by Society personnel.  If approval is granted, the proper loan forms must be completed by the borrower and by the Society.


Most documents are available for reproduction.  Researchers may have items copied by library volunteers, or they may use their own equipment.  This equipment may include hand-held scanners, digital cameras or cell phone cameras.  Fees listed below apply whether copies are made by library volunteers or the researcher.


The general public is not permitted to borrow documents from the collections of VCHS for reproduction purposes. 

Reproduced documents from the Society’s collections that are used in publications (regardless of format or media)

must be credited to Venango County Historical Society.


Documents include, but are not limited to, books, maps, and items related to an individual or business, such as diaries, personal papers, letters, and ledgers.




Reproduction Fees


                                                  Letter and Legal Size - $.50 per page


                                                     Oversize Copies - $.75 per page


                                          Photographs - Copied by VCHS Personnel Only


                                                    Photocopies - $1.00 per photo

                                                    Scanned Copies - Please see prices on Photograph Use and Reproduction Policy


Will, Estate and Naturalization Files$10.00 per file - Includes photocopies up to 20 pages

Archival Search - $5.00
                                              There is no charge made to students using our facilities for research.
                                    Marianne S. Battista                              Rainy Linn
                                                                    Executive Director                                           President


Rev. June, 2012

       August, 2013

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