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Venango County Historical Society

Photograph Use

     and Reproduction Policy

PO Box 101    301 South Park Street    Franklin, Pennsylvania  16323

Photograph Use and Reproduction Policy



The Venango County Historical Society’s photograph collection is open to the general public for research purposes.  Researchers must identify by number the photograph(s) to be viewed from the photograph index.  A Venango County Historical Society (VCHS) staff member will retrieve the photograph(s) from the Archival Resource Center.  Researchers are not permitted to retrieve photographs.  Photographs may only be viewed under the supervision of a VCHS staff member.  Photographs may not be borrowed from the VCHS without the Society’s permission.  Requests to borrow photographs may be presented to the Society and will either be approved or rejected by Society personnel.  If approval is granted, the proper loan forms must be completed by the borrower and by the Society.


Photographs are available for reproduction.  All photograph reproduction will be conducted by VCHS personnel using Society equipment.  Photographs may not be reproduced using the researcher’s scanner or camera or by any other method.  The general public is not permitted to borrow photographs from the collections of VCHS for reproduction purposes. 


Reproduced photographs from the Society’s collections that are used in publications,

displays or exhibits (regardless of format or media) must be credited to Venango County Historical Society. 


Photographs labeled Drake Well are reproductions from the collections of Drake Well Museum and will not be reproduced by VCHS.  Drake Well will reproduce these photographs under their reproduction guidelines. 




Reproduction Fees For Photographs


                  Reproduction using an existing negative:    5” x 7”  –  $7.50  per photograph

                                                                                        8” x 10” –  $10.00 per photograph


                                                   For larger prints, a price will be obtained based on the size desired.


                 Reproduction without a negative:       In addition to the above reproduction fees, a $5.00

                                                                              negative reproduction fee must be paid per negative

                                                                              in cases in which a negative does not exist.  The

                                                                              buyer may keep the negative or donate io  VCHS


                 Scanned reproduction of existing photo:   4” x 6” photograph   –   $ 5.00 per photo

                                                                                      5” x 7” photograph   –  $ 7.00 per photo

                                                                                      8” x 10” photograph  –  $10.00 per photo




Fees apply regardless of format:  print or digital, saved to disc or via email.





Marianne S. Battista                           Rainy Linn

           Executive Director                                         President





Rev. 2008





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