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Egbert-Mullins-Koos House


VCHS maintains a wealth of Venango County history within its walls. If not for your membership and support, we would not be able to preserve our treasures. By becoming a member you help to do just that.


Your direct support of VCHS helps us preserve and present the history of the Egbert-Mullins-Koos House and the county as a whole. By giving an individual donation, you are join the legions before you who's philanthropic spirit has kept us going.

Researching at VCHS

VCHS houses a variety of documents to assist you in your research quest. If you are planning a trip VCHS feel free to stop by, or if you are not we can help you from a distance. 

About VCHS

The Venango County Historical Society is housed in the Egbert-Mullins-Koos House. The home was built in 1859. VCHS has exhibit space, a research library, collections storage space, and archival storage. We serve the community by preserving the history important to us. 

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Nov. 10, 2020 - River Ridge Tours 3 & 6 PM